Austrelaps Labialis

Found in and around The Mount Lofty Ranges, Piccadilly Valley region, Kangaroo Island and some regions of The Fleurieu and considered endangered.


Pseudechis porphyriacus The second most common snake found in and around The Adelaide Hills and metro area. It has a glossy appearance in black with an underbelly colour ranging from bright red to pink or orange, even sometimes with no apparent colour.


Notechis Scutatus Mainly found in and around the Murraylands and The Fleurieu Peninsula including Kangaroo Island. They are highly venomous and aggressive when aroused. The venom from a Tiger Snake is extremely neurotoxicity.


We also offer a service of removing and relocating fauna. Working alongside small business to major corporations, from time to time animals end up in places where they are unsafe or unwanted and may cause safety issues to others around them as well as themselves.

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Snake Catchers Adelaide Servicing all area of Adelaide 24/7

Snake Catchers Adelaide – licensed Professional snake catchers offer prompt snake removal service servicing all areas of Adelaide.

Do not attempt to remove or kill a snake yourself.

97% of human snake bite cases are due to people trying to interfere with the snake. Snakes are a native animal and are protected in Australia. It is illegal to harm or kill a snake and it’s environmentally damaging. They serve a purpose – just like you!

Snake Bite First Aid

Snake Bite First Aid

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  • Personalised snake handling courses for Mining and Industrial companies
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  • Home or work maintenance prevention
  • Deterrent spraying and trapping