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Eastern Blue Tounged Lizard

Eastern Blue Tongue Lizard

(Tiliqua Scinoides Scinoides) The Blue Tongue Lizard is often found in suburban backyards and bush land. Quite often people are under the impression that if you have a Blue Tongue in your garden then you won’t get a snake, if only it was that easy, but unfortunately this is nothing but a myth. Adult snakes […]

Whip Snake

Whip Snake

(Parasuta Flagellum) A small snake growing up to 45cm in length and is found west to south east of South Australia. It is a dull grayish brown with a dark base to each scale and a black head, The whip snake is often mistaken for a juvenile brown snake being similar in size colour. Feed […]

Tiger Snake

Tiger Snake

(Notechis Scutatus) Mainly found in and around the Murraylands and The Fleurieu Peninsula including Kangaroo Island. They are highly venomous and aggressive when aroused. The venom from a Tiger Snake is extremely neurotoxicity. Tiger snakes are highly variable in colour, ranging from grey to olive-brown and reddish to dark brown-black, sometimes cross bands of yellow […]

Pygmy Copperhead

Pygmy Copperhead

(Austrelaps Labialis) Found in and around The Mount Lofty Ranges, Piccadilly Valley region, Kangaroo Island and some regions of The Fleurieu and considered endangered. They are a smaller snake only growing to around 50cm in length and mainly a dull dark olive grey colour and even brown. Their bite is considered dangerous to humans and […]

Juvenile Eastern Brown Snake

Juvenille Eastern Brown Snake

These baby brown snakes may look harmless but are just as venomous as an adult. With a distinct black marking on the head and collar they hatch at around 15cm in length and are generally light brown to orange. They feed on small lizards, frogs and insects. They can take up to 7 years to […]

Eastern Brown Snake

(Pseudonaja textilis) Classed as the second most venomous land snake in the world and also the most common snake found in South Australia. Also known as the common brown snake it has adapted well to our natural environment. It is known to visit many backyard’s in and around Adelaide’s suburbs. You will mainly see snakes […]

Red Bellied Black Snake

(Pseudechis porphyriacus) The second most common snake found in and around The Adelaide Hills and metro area. It has a glossy appearance in black with an underbelly colour ranging from bright red to pink or orange, even sometimes with no apparent colour. The Red Bellied Black Snake loves water, so ponds, creeks and dams are […]