Snake Awareness

Toolbox Talks and Snake Awareness Training

At Snake Catchers Adelaide we offer Toolbox Talks for Information, Prevention and Safety on Snake Awareness in the workplace or community.

We tailor to your needs for time and placement and there aren’t any minimum requirements on how many people attend. Sessions are very informative and may even change the way you feel regarding either a fear of snakes or not understanding the behaviour of these misunderstood animals. What is covered in the sessions? Well, we can cater to your needs if you have specific information required, or, we cover Venomous Snake Behaviour and understanding of the animal, Snake Identification, Situations to Avoid, What to do if you are bitten, Initial First Aid for Snake Bite, and Q & A. Most sessions are required for us to bring along venomous snakes which is a great way of learning their behaviour and understanding they are not evil creatures like some are lead to believe and also for snake identification – it’s great for people to see them up close as some people have never seen a snake in the wild before and can only go on to relate to what they see or hear. We can also bring along Pythons for people to hold or feel and it’s a great photo opportunity for them, as well as different types of lizards like a Bearded Dragon, Sleepy Lizard, Blue Tongue Lizard, Legless Lizard and Gecko’s, these too can be held and aid in learning their identification.