Snake Prevention

Snake Control

At Snake Catchers Adelaide we strive to make your property our priority.
We can cater for any situation regarding snake problems at your home, workplace or school.

If you have seen a snake on more than one occasion in a short amount of time around your property, over days or weeks for example then the chances are you may have a snake living on your premises.
If this is the case it is wise to call a snake catcher who is trained and licensed, to either catch and remove the reptile or set a trap to capture the animal and remove it for relocation.

Snake Catchers can also offer a deterrent spray. It 100% organic and is safe for children and pets.
We will personally come out to visit you and talk through with you your requirements.
Your snake catcher will cater to your needs in the best and most effective way they see to get the best results for you.

Where we spray : – Garden beds; Retaining walls; Carports and sheds; Rockeries; and the perimeter of your house and into the vents – and anywhere we think snakes will go.

Snakes have a Vomeronasal organ (VNO) or Jacobson’s organ which is part of their Sensory system located in the top of their mouth. It works like a little computer box detecting chemical stimuli.
This in turn is how the deterrent spray affects the snake.
If a snake enters your property it will pick up the scent of the deterrent and find it very disturbing, it irritates their eyes and mouth and they will not hang around to sunbake or nest, it will simply make them move on.

Call Snake Catchers Adelaide on 0413511440 if you require more information or to make a booking.

If you – like most people, have a problem with rats and/or mice it is most important that you manage these rodents.
Snakes come in to your property looking for food, so if you have rats or mice then that’s a big attractant for snakes. They will feed there and may even take up residence, or they may just come and go, but in general it’s quite safe to say they will come back if they know there is a food source available.

It’s recommended you do a baiting regime. If you don’t want to do it yourself, we can also help you with that. Otherwise make sure you always keep up a proper baiting system, and each time you buy more bait it’s a good idea to keep changing the brand so the mice/rats don’t get use to just one certain brand.
For those of you who don’t like using bait for reasons of either harming living creatures or your simply too concerned about the safety of your dog or cat, you can do it humanely by using live mouse and rat traps. They work really well, they’re easy to use and easy to release. Also, it’s a one off cost as you can reuse them.

Having chooks and Averie’s on your property will always attract rodents, which in turn attracts snakes, but this can be managed effectively.

Snake Control – some points to remember.

  • Keep rats and mice under control.
  • Prune underneath bushes – snakes like a place to hide!
  • Cats are natural hunters – therefore they can bring snakes onto your property.
  • Keep wood piles and sheets of tin off the ground.
  • Ensure your doors have a good seal on them – snakes can squeeze through very small gaps.
  • If a snake happens to enter your house it’s best to contain it to a room by shutting the door and putting a towel under the door so it can’t get out, then call a Snakecatcher.
  • Cover vents in your home – you can buy them commercially or simply use some fly screen.