Fauna Relocation

Our aim is to remove unwanted reptiles from homes and workplaces and to relocate them back into the wild; some even need rehabilitation before we can do so.

We also offer a service of removing and relocating fauna. Working alongside small business to major corporations, from time to time animals end up in places where they are unsafe or unwanted and may cause safety issues to others around them as well as themselves.

Our Fauna Specialist, Rolly Burrell has been working for many months now with one of the largest companies in Australia by searching, removing and relocating any type of fauna before clearing can commence to build a new Freeway in Adelaide’s south. Every aspect is taken into consideration to relocate the animals. In certain areas they are building better homes for the fauna, and not a carbon footprint will be left behind.

Snake Catchers Adelaide has travelled to destinations within Australia and even overseas to work in places such as Vietnam, where our snake catchers have removed hundreds of Cobra snakes from underground sites – the Ho Chi Minh Tunnels, in preparation for tourists to visit the area.

There isn’t a job too big or too small…..