Meet The Team


Rolly has grown up with an interest in reptiles – coming home from school one day to show his dad what he had caught down by the creek; Dad wasn’t too happy when he saw an Eastern Brown snake come out of his school bag!

And it grew from there….into becoming an avid reptile breeder and snake catcher.

Over his life Rolly has kept a variety of reptiles; snakes both venomous and non-venomous; Birds of Prey; Mammals; Crocodiles and even has emu’s running around his country retreat.

Today Rolly runs Snake Catchers Adelaide formally Snake Aaaaway Services – an efficient snake and fauna removal service in Adelaide’s southern region.

Rolly, an experienced herpetologist, was the first person to breed Austrelaps labialis- Mount Lofty Pygmy Copperhead in captivity. Also, the founder of a new sub-species of Strophurus intermedius-Squamata: Gekkonidae, common name Southern Spiny-tailed Geckos, namely S. Intermedius burrelli.

He has documents published in the HERPTOFAUNA Journal; Implanted microchips in Murray Darling Carpet Pythons along The River Murray System in South Australia; Committee Member and Treasurer for WEASA; Held public displays of reptiles at SA Reptile Park at Noarlunga, South Australia; Worked at many Flora & Fauna Parks; Gathered information on Cryptosporidiosis in wild reptile populations and Artificial insemination and taxonomic differences among Morelia species for SA Reptile Park & Research Centre and more.



After being with Snake Catchers Adelaide for 6 years Ange has learnt and loved all areas of the snake business.

Her first encounter with a snake was a Tiger snake in Tasmania’s mid south, stopping for lunch at a picnic spot just off the highway Ange heads straight to the creek to look for tadpoles little does she know she is a metre away face to face with a Tiger snake who was engulfing a frog. She wasn’t fazed by the incident – but her dad sure was!

Ange grew up in Tasmania with fond memories of swimming in the crystal clear waters of The Franklin River while the family was listening to Bob Brown speak about conservation.

Quite often you will find Ange rescuing injured animals from the road side, birds are a common site often being hit by cars and removing reptiles so they don’t become a statistic.

Her back yard is a fun place with birds, rabbits; hopping mice; dogs; snakes and the Emu’s who like to share a BBQ with friends and watch the kids jump on the trampoline.



Bearded Dragons are where the interest for reptiles began with Steve from the tender age of 4.

Ever since then his passion has grown into keeping a large variety of species, including …Pogona Vitticeps – red, orange & yellow phase; Cunninghams Skinks; Eastern Water Dragons; Northern Territory Blackheads; Diamond Pythons; Eastern and Chappell island Tiger snakes; Red Bellied Black snakes and Death Adders both Southern and Barkley Table Land – too name but a few.

Steve also has a love for plants – especially the Palms, Bamboo and Bromeliads – his backyard is a paradise to say the least. In between jobs he likes to visit the local nurseries in the area to see what he can add to his oasis.

Steve is an asset to Snake Aaaaway and has been for a decade, he is a handsome friendly guy and is ever so prompt – have a snake in your backyard? – He’ll be there in a flash!





After growing up watching wildlife programs on the TV such as the crocodile hunter, Cory has always wanted to work with wildlife. After finishing high school Cory worked on a native fish farm in Darwin, which included being a volunteer for field work collecting fish and endangered plants for the CSRIO. From this he did more volunteer work with Kakadu National Park monitoring the nesting sites of the Marine turtle species the Flatback turtle. While Cory isn’t catching snakes in the summer he works for Nature Glenelg trust, doing native freshwater fish surveys in the Adelaide Hills, Murray Crayfish surveys in northern Victoria and being involved in the captive breeding programs of the endangered Southern Purple spotted Gudgeons and Yarra Pygmy Perch.